# gosh! Go Share

Upload your files to this server and share them with your friends or, if non-existent, shady people from the Internet.

Your file will expire after 3 days or earlier, if explicitly specified. Optionally, the file can be deleted directly after the first retrieval. For each upload, a deletion URL will also be generated which can be used to delete the file before expiration. In addition, the maximum file size is 64.0 MiB.

This is no place to share questionable or illegal data. Please use another service or stop it completely. Get some help.

The gosh software can be obtained from https://github.com/oxzi/gosh

## Posting

### curl

HTTP POST your file:
$ curl -F 'file=@foo.png' https://my.lurk.space/
Burn after reading:
$ curl -F 'file=@foo.png' -F 'burn=1' https://my.lurk.space/
Set a custom expiry date, e.g., one minute:
$ curl -F 'file=@foo.png' -F 'time=1m' https://my.lurk.space/
Or all together:
$ curl -F 'file=@foo.png' -F 'time=1m' -F 'burn=1' https://my.lurk.space/
Print only URL as response:
$ curl -F 'file=@foo.png' -F https://my.lurk.space/?onlyURL

### form

## Privacy

This software stores the IP address for each upload. This information is stored as long as the file is available. A normal download is logged without user information.

## Abuse

If, for whatever reason, you would like to have a file removed prematurely, please write an e-mail to <gosh-abuse@0x21.biz>. Please allow me a certain amount of time to react and work on your request.